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How do I operate my Bonne O?Please watch this 1 minute "how-to" video: 


or follow these 4 steps:

    1. Fill the flavour chamber with a sweetened (e.g., syrup, pulp-free juice) or unsweetened liquid (e.g., water) and place a carbonator in the carbonation chamber.
    2. Fill the bottle to the rim with cold, unsweetened liquids (at least 59F / 15C but ideally colder). Cold = great carbonation.
    3. Close both appliance caps (their noses will be aligned forward) and the button will be lit. Push it. The appliance will start, pause to calibrate and continue. If the appliance stops and beeps after a few seconds on first use, it is possible that your pump is very dry and must be primed or the water is too warm. Detach the bottle, add a few ice cubes and fill it to the rim with refrigerator chilled water. Re-attach the bottle and push the button again to start the system. Doing this a number of times will allow fluid to prime the pump and activate the system on its first use.
    4. After 3-4 minutes you will hear 2 chimes and your beverage is ready! Remove the bottle and press the top bottle cap vent to release some pressure then open. If you put ingredients in the bottle like fruit, herbs, wine and spirits press the vent a few times and allow the bubbles to dissipate so the bottle opens easily. Remember to air dry the removable cup and appliance cap after use to keep the appliance fresh and appliance cap easy to open.

    Here is the Quick Start Guide and the Instruction Manual for your appliance.

    I am having trouble, what is happening? Please examine this trouble shooting guide to see if the issue can be addressed immediately and you can go back to making bubbly creations. If the issue is not listed here, please contact customer service.

    If your appliance stops, beeps once and the button flashes shortly after you start the system, this may indicate that the water is not cold enough or that your pump must be primed for first use. If your appliance runs but no bubbles appear in the bottle and the carbonator is not dissolved at the end of the cycle – you need to prime the pump. Make sure the bottle is full to the rim and attach / detach it from the appliance 15-20 times. This forces water into the pump and primes the pump. You may need to re-fill the bottle with cold water to the rim before starting the appliance. Once primed your appliance will operate normally. To see how, see the short video below.

    If your appliance cap becomes more difficult to open over time, this is due to not allowing the appliance cap to dry between uses and the appliance cap has absorbed water over time. The cap will become easy to turn again once you remove the cap and the removable cup and allow them to fully dry out. Complete drying may take up to a week. To avoid this in the future, empty the carbonation chamber and allow the appliance cap, removable cup and area under the removable cup to dry after each use. Many customers store the cap and the cup in the bottle holder after each use until dry.

    How do I contact customer service and warranty service? Customer service can be reached through contact us and will respond within 24 hours or call 1-866-891-1445 anytime for help. Click here to register your purchase for warranty.

    Do Bonne O carbonators expire? Bonne O carbonators do not decline in effectiveness when sealed and do not expire.

    A ‘best before’ date was erroneously applied to some shipments by our supplier. The reason is that a date must be marked on this product for export from its point of origin. Bonne O carbonators should be marked with a ‘manufactured on’ or 'lot' date without expiry.

    Any packaging that was erroneously marked with a ‘best before’ date is being updated on the exterior and interior packaging to reflect the product's continued full effectiveness.

    If you have a Bonne O carbonator with a 'best before' date, you can use it with confidence if it is sealed.

    Do Bonne O bottles expire? Bonne O bottles are no longer printed with an expiry date.

    Bonne O initially printed an expiry date on Bonne O bottles; however, customer experience with the bottles has shown that they work well past the printed expiry date. You may continue to use your Bonne O bottle past the printed expiry date unless it shows signs of damage.

    If your bottle shows signs of damage within Bonne O's replacement warranty, please contact customer service for a replacement bottle.

    Where can I find syrups to make sodas with my Bonne O? Any natural soda syrup will work perfectly with your Bonne O. By natural we mean made with a natural sweetener like cane sugar and flavoured with natural ingredients.

    There are many great artisanal and commercial syrup producers that make hundreds of interesting, lovely flavour combinations. Try some or make your own. It's easy to make syrups and we feature recipes periodically on our blog - plus the internet is full of great free syrup recipes. Get creative! Make the syrup and put it in the flavour chamber. A delicious, homemade, bubbly treat in minutes!

    Do not use syrups that use artificial or super-concentrated low calorie sweeteners or artificial colours. Artificial colours could permanently stain the interior of your Bonne O bottle caps and artificial sweeteners will be too concentrated to taste good.

    Aide en français s'il vous plaît? Cliquez ici pour le manuel de l'utilisateur et le guide de démarrage rapide.

    Préparation de boissons gazeuses

      1. Ouvrez le bouchon inférieur de la fontaine. Remplissez la cuve d’arômes et la cuve de gazéification. Fermez le bouchon inférieur de la fontaine. REMARQUE : La cuve d’arômes doit être remplie d’eau ou de sirop aromatisé chaque fois que vous préparez une boisson. REMARQUE : Placez UN carbonateur au maximum dans la cuve d’arômes.
      2. Remplissez la bouteille d’eau réfrigérée très froide. Tournez le bouchon supérieur de la fontaine pour soulever le tenon supérieur. Placez la bouteille dans le porte-bouteille. Tournez le bouchon supérieur de la fontaine pour attacher la bouteille et allumer le bouton de démarrage. REMARQUE : Ne gazéifiez pas des produits laitiers. Avant la gazéification, versez des liquides sucrés (jus, sirops) dans la cuve d’arômes, et non dans la bouteille.
      3. Appuyez sur le bouton de démarrage allumé et observez la fabrication de votre boisson pendant un cycle de quatre minutes, jusqu’à ce que vous entendiez deux signaux sonores.
      4. Tournez le bouchon supérieur de la fontaine pour libérer la bouteille. Réfrigérez votre bouteille scellée ou ouvrez-la maintenant et profitez-en! S’il est difficile d’ouvrir la bouteille, appuyez sur la soupape dans le centre du bouchon supérieur de la bouteille.


      Pour le service à la clientèle nous contacter ici ou composez le 1-866-891-1445 les jours ouvrables 8 heures-20 heures (heure normale de l'Est)

      What are your shipping terms? We offer free shipping on orders greater than $50 (pre-tax) to all Canadian provinces. We do not ship to the Canadian territories (YU, NT, NU) at this time. For U.S. orders, please visit our US Site. All shipping is UPS Standard. Shipping times will vary from 3-7 days depending upon distance from our Brampton, ON distribution facility. Shipping costs for orders less than $50 (pre-tax) will vary by province.

      What are the terms of sale? Please note that purchases of consumable products including Syrups, Carbonators and Extra Carbonating Bottles are final. This is because they cannot be resold due to the risk of tampering.

      If purchased on this site, sales of durable goods including Beverage Appliances, Appliance Starter Packs and Appliance Super Packs may be returned to Bonne O for refund within 30 days if unused and in original packaging. All returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee.

      Bonne O also offers a one year limited replacement warranty on its Beverage Appliance. If your Appliance becomes defective within one year, you may return it for replacement.

      How do I return my Beverage Appliances, Appliance Starter Packs and Appliance Super Packs? Please note that purchases of consumable products including Syrups, Carbonators and Extra Carbonating Bottles are final. This is because they cannot be resold due to the risk of tampering.

      Sales of durable goods including Beverage Appliances, Appliance Starter Packs and Appliance Super Packs may be returned to Bonne O for refund within 30 days. All returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee. To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging without missing parts. If this is not the case the return will be refused. To complete your return, we require you to contact our customer service group at 1-866-891-1445 or email at customerservice@bonneo.com. Please have all purchase information available at the time of the call. Customer Service will instruct you where to return your product. Return shipping costs are your responsibility.

      When you are shipping an item over $75, please use a trackable shipping service or purchasing shipping insurance. We cannot guarantee that we will receive your returned item. Depending on where you live, the time it may take for your exchanged product to reach you will vary.

      Upon receipt of your return, we will process your refund transaction.

      What is Bonne O? Bonne O is a sparkling beverage system. The name means ‘good water’ from the French ‘bonne eau’. The inspiration for the system was to create a new range of sparkling beverages using real ingredients you have in your kitchen. Since we were starting from scratch it was also a chance to make a modern, sleek appliance that doesn’t require a CO2 tank to handle and return.

      What is a sparkling beverage system? Home carbonation systems have existed for decades. They allow people to create carbonated beverages at home.

      Traditional systems use compressed carbon dioxide (CO2) gas streamed into cold water. This process makes the water bubbly. Once the water is carbonated, you then open the bottle, add syrup to the carbonated water, shake it and you have a homemade soda. They allowed you to save money by making soda at home.

      People are now exploring fun new alternative beverages and controlling what goes into their body. As a result traditional soda is in decline. The Bonne O sparkling beverage system enables you to create the wide new world of fun alternative beverages made from real ingredients in your home.

      What is new about the sparkling technology? Our sparkling technology is the world’s first tank-free, 'pre-mix' home system. This is the carbonation process used in multi-million dollar bottling facilities except that it is now available for your kitchen.

      Since it is in your kitchen you can sparkle & infuse good things like fruit, herbs, spices, tea, wine, spirits and avoid things like artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, artificial colors and preservatives.

      Starting from a blank slate meant that we could create a system without a CO2 tank to handle, return, or dictate the appliance shape. This allows a sleek, modern appliance design.

      How is Bonne O different from Sodastream™? There are a number of innovations enabled by Bonne O technology.

      First, the Bonne O system sparkles all ingredients in the bottle. As a result, you can sparkle everything and infuse flavours from real ingredients.  Sparkle & infuse waterfruit, herbs, wine, spirits & sodas.

      Second, your complete, fully sparkled beverage is sealed in a bottle. This means that you can store your sealed, carbonated beverage in your refrigerator until you are ready to open it. This is like store bought beverages in cans and bottles, except that you didn’t have to carry it home and it contains the good ingredients from your kitchen.

      Third, the Bonne O system does not require a CO2 tank so you do not need to handle the tank nor return it when empty.

      Finally, the Bonne O carbonation system is an automatic system that operates with the touch of a single button. No need to manually pump, push or shake.

      How does it sparkle beverages? The Bonne O tank-free carbonators each fully sparkle one full bottle. Only pure CO2 enters your beverage not the carbonator itself. Our carbonators are not for consumption, only CO2 production. They are made of food grade materials that react with water to create CO2 gas. The active ingredients include citric acid and sodium bicarbonate (baking soda).

      The system works by drawing some of the water from the bottle into a carbonation chamber containing the carbonator. The CO2 gas is produced and is pumped into the bottle to carbonate your beverage. The carbonator itself dissolves and the liquid residue remains in the carbonation chamber. The residue is primarily comprised of water and sodium citrate and it can be poured in your kitchen sink. Our carbonators create no solid waste unlike the coffee pods that are creating a serious solid waste challenge. Our carbonator solution is convenient and environmentally conscious.

      For a guide to the science of carbonation, carbonation measurement and a comparison of Bonne O carbonation and other carbonated beverages, click here. For a more detailed examination of our carbonators and the tank-free carbonation process including the process, ingredients and the lab reports documenting how pure CO2 gas carbonates your beverage without needing to handle or return a high pressure, hazmat CO2 tank, click here.

      What types of beverages does it make? Sparkle everything! Waterfruit, herbs, wine, spirits & sodas. Create perfect sparkling waters, spa waters, sparkling juices, sparkling waters infused with fruit, spices or herbs, sparkling wines, sangrias, mimosas, spritzers, bubbly cocktails and craft sodas. The range of new ideas and classic favorites is unlimited.

      Who can use it? We hope you, your friends and family share and enjoy your Bonne O creations as much as we do.

      We love to create healthy sparkling waters and infusions for ourselves. It is an easy way to take a treat and turn it into a positive part of your diet.

      We create soda alternatives for our children. Kids love carbonated beverages and we prefer to know and influence what our kids drink and consume. Kids love to watch the drink process. Getting them involved with making fun things using real ingredients is good for everyone.

      We put on a show with party cocktails when entertaining. Our holiday party had a bunch of Bonne O machines and we competed to see who can make the best mixed creations. It’s a fun addition to a house party because you can enjoy the creation process, the show as the beverage is made and the results – of course!

      As more people experiment and try different things, we’ll learn more about what is possible. We look forward to hearing about what you create!

      How can I buy one?Please visit one of our fine retail partners or click 'buy' at the top of the page.

      Why do toes wrinkle in water? It turns out that bath fairies wrinkle your toes when you are in the bath. Probably. It is also possible that if you immerse yourself in a bath there is a lower concentration of dissolved salts in the bath water than in your cells so the water is absorbed into your toes and they swell. Since the skin is connected to the tissue below, the swelling creates that cool rippled wrinkly look. Just your fingers and toes get wrinkly instead of your whole body turning into a prune because the waterproof coating on your skin only gets rubbed off on your busy bits like fingers and toes. So the water fairies can do their thing there.

      This isn’t a frequently asked question but it is a really good one.

      Where or how can I find out more?Please sign up for our free newsletter for tips and ideas weekly. You can also contact us directly here.