New Year, New Healthier Habits - Blueberries, Pom Seeds & Mint

New Year, New Healthier Habits - Blueberries, Pom Seeds & Mint

January is a great opportunity to set new healthier habits. This is a habit you'll want to keep all year. This drink looks amazing and is great caffeine-free way to refresh during the day and a wonderful alcohol-free way to rejuvenate in the evening. As a bonus, it delivers a solid dose of antioxidants - perfect for this season.

The bubbles deliver a subtle taste of blueberries and mint, while the pom seeds give you a little burst of flavour with every sip. For extra flavour and colour, you can burst a few pom seeds in the bottle before sparkling, although I personally prefer to leave them whole. The skin of the pom seed will not allow much pom flavor to infuse into the drink, but each seed will remain whole and burst their flavor when you crunch them with each sip. They float so you can get one each time.

To make this Blueberry, Pom & Mint Sparkler, place a handful of blueberries, pom seeds and mint leaves in the bottle. Top up with cold water to the rim. Place a carbonator in the carbonation chamber, fill the flavour chamber with water, close up the system and press the button. When the cycle is complete, take the sealed bottle and place in the refrigerator for later or enjoy now.

Remember to let the removable cup and appliance cap air dry after each use. This will ensure that the interior of the machine remains fresh smelling and the cap easy to close. Here is a picture of how we do it at our house. The cap and cup fit nicely in the bottle holder - since the bottle is typically in the fridge. Our new favourite drink right now, a Cinnamon, Apple & Ginger Sparkler. Uses half a stick of cinnamon, one apple slice and a small hunk of ginger. Amazing, fresh and addictive - in a good way.


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