Infused Teas! Raspberry, Blackberry & Mint Infused Sparkling Tea

Infused Teas! Raspberry, Blackberry & Mint Infused Sparkling Tea

Here's an all natural, healthy tradition to start this new year - fruit & herb infused teas! Delicious, real ingredients, customized to your taste. Use any tea bag or loose tea in a ball. Here's a yummy example to get you started - cold brewed Raspberry, Blackberry & Mint Infused Sparkling Tea.

To make this treat in minutes, put your favorite tea bag or loose tea in a tea ball in the bottle. We've used a raspberry & currant herbal tea in a ball here. Drop in a handful of raspberries & blackberries and a few mint sprigs. Top up the bottle with cold water to the rim. For an unsweetened tea, fill the flavour chamber with water. For a sweetened tea, put a teaspoon of honey, agave or cane sugar in a glass, pour in some water and stir to dissolve.  Pour this light simple syrup in the flavour chamber. Place a carbonator in the carbonation chamber, close up the system and push the button.

Your sparkling tea is pressure brewed in minutes. Detach the bottle after it is ready. The bottle is sealed and you can place it in the refrigerator to chill for later. If you do this, the tea will continue to cold steep and the flavors will become more intense. Or open now to enjoy. Open slowly as the fruit and tea will create bubbles. Press the top bottle cap valve to release some pressure, let the bubbles settle. Repeat a few times, then open. This process will make opening easier.

Delicious and 100% natural! Enjoy anytime. The fruit, herb & tea combinations are endless. A fave at our office right now is peppermint tea with a few sprigs of mint. Let us know your favorite on facebook!

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