Cassis Infused Sparkling Wine, Spritzer & Sparklers for all your Valentines!

Cassis Infused Sparkling Wine, Spritzer & Sparklers for all your Valentines!

Combine bubbles, ruby red & a little bit of french to say "Happy Valentine's Day" in a beautiful & delicious way. Bonne O easily sparkles all three together for special Cassis Infused Sparkling Wine, Spritzers & Sparklers for all your Valentines.

The first version is pour l'amour and that special someone. It uses Crème de Cassis to add a rich ruby colour and blackcurrant taste. Fill the bottle with a chilled white wine to the rim. Fill the flavour chamber with half crème de cassis and half white wine. Place a carbonator in the carbonation chamber. Close up the system, press the button and sparkle!

You can see the Crème de Cassis burst into the bottle to be infused and sparkled along with the white wine. This is a rich, ruby red sparkling wine. Crème de Cassis is a liqueur and adds that ruby color and the taste of blackcurrants and a hint of sweetness. Crème de Cassis Infused Sparkling Wine is the perfect sparkling treat to start some special time with your sweetheart this Valentine's Day.

Here are a couple versions that may be more suitable for other Valentine's events. For a lovely afternoon soirée with family or friends, something lighter and festive might be more suitable. Try a Cassis Infused Spritzer for all the lovely ruby color with half the alcohol. Prepare the same as above, but instead fill the bottle with half cold water and half white wine instead of all wine. Bonne O makes the best spritzers since all the ingredients are sparkled in the bottle. This is a lovely, light and festive spritzer!

Finally, for the entire family enjoy a festive, alcohol free Ruby Red Sparkler!  This has all of the ruby red color and is a healthy option as well. To create this, fill the bottle with cold water and fill the flavour chamber with blackcurrant juice or pom juice. The red juice will burst into the bottle and be sparkled with the water to create this sparkler.  It's a fun way to start a Valentine's Day celebration with the entire family!

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