Add Some Sparkle to Your Oscar Night!

Add Some Sparkle to Your Oscar Night!

Even if your acceptance speech isn't written yet, it's the right time start planning to add some sparkle to your Oscar Night! Grab your fave white wine and sparkle it with your Bonne O. With a glass of bubbly in hand you can sparkle with the stars - plus you have the option of enjoying it at home in your PJs!

It is so easy to create sparkling wine with your Bonne O. Just fill the bottle and the flavour chamber with chilled white wine and place a carbonator in the carbonation chamber. Close up the system, press the button and it is sparkled. Open & enjoy!

Here's a tip: To just use one 750ml bottle of chilled white wine, fill the flavour chamber first and then pour the remainder of the wine into the bottle. Top up your Bonne O bottle to the rim with a bit of cold water or ice, then close up the bottle, system and sparkle!

And now the acceptance speech... "I have to thank our great cast and crew - and of course the Academy - for making this lovely bubbly possible..."

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