Create Beautiful, Yummy Fruit Infusions Year-Round with Frozen Fruit

Create Beautiful, Yummy Fruit Infusions Year-Round with Frozen Fruit

Three great things about frozen fruit. One, it can contain more nutrients than fresh. Two, it's available year round. Three, it makes easy, yummy, pretty, super-chilled sparkling fruit infusions. Three is a magic number, so let's get to it!

Grab a handful of your favourite frozen fruit and drop them in the bottle. Fill the bottle up to the rim with cold water and close it. Fill the flavour chamber with water and place a carbonator in the carbonation chamber. Close up your Bonne O and press the button to sparkle!

Frozen fruit has a softer texture than fresh fruit. When you're using it for sparkling beverages is means that even more colour and flavour is transferred into the beverage. We've used a frozen berry mix - look at the rich pink shade transferred through the infusion process!

If you use a lot of fruit, open the bottle slowly by pushing the top bottle valve a couple times before opening and allowing the bubbles to dissipate between presses. The soft fruit surface encourages bubble creation on the fruit surface. More bubbles are formed, so open slowly using this technique.

Pour & enjoy! Frozen fruit creates a wonderfully chilled, naturally sweet sparkling beverage anytime of the year. Let us know your favourite type to sparkle!

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