Celebrate with a Sparkling Redhead in Bed

Celebrate with a Sparkling Redhead in Bed

The Emerald Isle has brought us many sparkling personalities, beautiful folks with a wee tinge of red hair and fabulous celebrations that landed us firmly in bed the next day. So we thought ... a top notch way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day is with a Sparkling Redhead in Bed!

Our version of this treat is made with real, fresh strawberries, white wine (preferably a Riesling, but any chilled white will work), vodka, lime juice and a light simple syrup. The drink is bubbly, fruity, tarty, light and boozy all at the same time. Fun!

To create a Sparkling Redhead in Bed, place a few hulled and sliced strawberries in your Bonne O bottle along with a half cup of vodka then fill the bottle to the rim with cold white wine. Squeeze half a lime into a small glass, add a couple teaspoons of sugar to the glass and top the glass up with water. Stir to dissolve the sugar then pour this mixture into the flavour chamber. Finally place a carbonator in the carbonation chamber, close up the system and press the button.

To see the sparkle process in action, click here for a short video. If you use a lot of fruit and combine fruit and alcohol, open the bottle slowly by pushing the top bottle valve a few times before opening and allowing the bubbles to dissipate between presses. The fruit surface combined with alcohol encourages bubble creation on the fruit surface. More bubbles are formed, so open slowly using this technique. After opening, pour, share & enjoy!


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