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Orange Juice Spritzers are a Light, Bubbly & Healthy Way to Start Your Day

Orange Juice Spritzers are a light & refreshing way to start your day. Each glass will have 80% less sugar than a full glass of orange juice. You can make a full bottle using 2 fresh squeezed oranges or a small pour from your store bought OJ. They are simple to create with your Bonne O, let's see how. 

Fill the flavour chamber with the fresh squeezed and strained juice from two oranges. Removing the pulp will make sure that it doesn't get caught in the filters of your Bonne O. Alternatively fill the flavour chamber with store-bought pulp-free orange juice. Place a carbonator in the carbonation chamber and fill your bottle to the rim with cold water. Close up the system and press the button to sparkle!

A light, refreshing & healthy way to start your day.  An Orange Juice Spritzer contains 80% less sugar than the same sized glass of orange juice. Enjoy!

Remember to let the removable cup and appliance cap air dry after each use. This will ensure that the interior of the machine remains fresh smelling and the cap easy to close. Here is a picture of how we do it at our house. The cap and cup fit nicely in the bottle holder - since the bottle is typically in the fridge.