Mother's Day Special: Sparkling Lemon Zinger Tea

Mother's Day Special: Sparkling Lemon Zinger Tea

Does your Mom love tea & wine? For the two weeks leading up to Mother's Day we're featuring a sparkling iced tea and a special sparkling wine. This week's Lemon Zinger Iced Tea idea is from R. MacDonald in London, Ontario. This sparkling creation combines zippy acidity (ginger & lemon) and smooth refreshment (asian pear & cucumber) together.  It's a tasty treat + healthy & caffeine-free.

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To create this treat for your Mom, place one lemon & ginger tea bag in the bottle along with a couple slices of asian pear and cucumber. Fill the bottle to the rim with cold water.

Fill the flavour chamber with water or a light simple syrup solution. For a light simple syrup, dissolve a teaspoon or two of sugar in a cup of water and pour the resulting light simple syrup into the flavour chamber. Place a carbonator in the carbonation chamber. Close up the system, press the button and sparkle. For a short video of the sparkle process, click here.

When the beverage is ready, you can either open and enjoy or place in the refrigerator to steep further, freshly sealed.  If you use a lot of fruit with the tea bag, open the bottle slowly by pushing the top bottle valve a few times before opening and allowing the bubbles to dissipate between presses. The fruit and tea bag encourages bubble creation on the surface, so open slowly using this technique. After opening, pour & enjoy.


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