Reinventing "Sprite" Naturally

Reinventing "Sprite" Naturally

Use only real ingredients from your kitchen to reinvent the citrus kick from sodas like "Sprite", 7UP" or "Sierra Mist". Plus we keep the option of no added sugar. The creative culinary question is finding your ideal balance between sweet vs. tart. We'll share our recipe and then give you some tips to adjust to your taste.


Start with two slices of orange, one slice of lemon and one slice of lime. We're adding a bit more orange vs. lemon/lime to balance sweet and tart. Quarter the slices and add them to the Bonne O bottle along with a sprig of mint for a fresh boost. Fill the bottle with cold water to the rim.

Place a carbonator in the carbonation chamber and fill the flavour chamber water. Optionally use a very light simple syrup in the flavour chamber. To create this light simple syrup just add one teaspoon of sugar to a glass of water, dissolve and that's it. It adds a bit of sweetness but not a lot of sugar. Close up the system and press the button to sparkle.

When complete you can either place sealed in the refrigerator to chill or open and enjoy. Open slowly by pressing the center vent on the top bottle cap and letting the bubbles settle before opening the bottle cap itself. The more fruit used in the bottle the more bubbles will form when opening. If the water is very cold, fewer bubbles will form.

Enjoy the all natural citrus taste of this twist on traditional citrus sodas!  Have fun finding your perfect balance between tart & sweet.

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