Party Like Royalty! Queen Victoria's Cocktail

Party Like Royalty! Queen Victoria's Cocktail

This long weekend, take a cue from the former ruler of the empire where 'the sun never set'. Queen Victoria's nightly tipple was claret topped with scotch whiskey. We've gone a wee bit tastier with white wine topped off with vodka and cassis, sparkled and garnished with blackberries. Enjoy!


To party like royalty, follow these simple steps. First, fill the bottle 90% full with cold white wine and top off the bottle with vodka. Place a carbonator in the carbonation chamber and half fill the flavour chamber with white wine and half créme de cassis.

Close up the system. Press the button and the system will push the cassis into the bottle, then sparkle the cocktail.

When the cycle is complete, garnish your glasses with a couple blackberries.  Pour, raise a toast to the Queen & enjoy!

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