Peach & Thyme Sangria Spritzer

Peach & Thyme Sangria Spritzer

Celebrate the arrival of beautiful weather with a Peach & Thyme Sangria Spritzer! Create yours easily with your Bonne O. Hat tip to the creative duo at Treasures & Travel Blog in Vancouver for the inspiration for this delicious & easy treat.

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Easily create this light, summery treat by placing a few peach segments and some thyme sprigs in the bottle.  Half fill the bottle with cold water, optionally add a splash of brandy then top up the bottle to the rim with cold white wine.  Fill the flavour chamber with cold white wine and place a carbonator in the carbonation chamber.

Close up the system, press the button and sparkle!

Two tips. First, the longer you leave the sparkled bottle sealed in the refrigerator, the more powerful the infused flavours of peach and thyme will become. If possible, sparkle this beverage the night before enjoying. Second, open the bottle slowly by pressing the valve in the center of the top bottle cap and let the bubbles settle. Do this a few times before opening the cap itself. The fruit, herbs and alcohol in the bottle create a lot of bubbles. Opening slowly will help. Additionally, the colder the beverage, fewer bubbles will be released when opened.  Refrigerating overnight or adding a few ice cubes to the bottle before carbonating will help drop the finished beverage temperature.

Best enjoyed with beautiful weather and friends!

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