Seasonal Berry Sparkling Water

Seasonal Berry Sparkling Water

Berries are in season! Here is a refreshing, natural & delicious way to enjoy them. Infuse the sweet taste of berries into your sparkling water. Add a bit of lime to balance your beverage with a touch of acidity. This combination is a perfect warm weather sipper. Delicious, refreshing & all natural.


To create this healthy treat, slice your favourite berries in half or quarters and place a handful of sliced berries in the bottle. Add a slice of lime. Usually one will do it. Too much and the acidity will overwhelm the berries' taste.

Fill the bottle to the rim with cold water. Filtered water is ideal as sparkling your water will enhance flavours. If your tap water has any odours, expect sparkling it to enhance them.  The need to filter your water varies by municipality. Place a carbonator in the carbonation chamber & water in the flavour chamber. Close up the system and press the button to sparkle.

Finally, pour & enjoy! After drinking, don't throw out the berries. They are sparkled too! A bubbly strawberry, blueberry, raspberry or blackberry is a juicy, fun treat.

The longer you leave the berries in the sealed bottle after sparkling, the stronger the infusion of the flavours. You'll get berry flavours immediately after the sparkle cycle, and peak flavour in a few hours. After a couple days softer berries like strawberries can absorb a lot of the CO2 making them soft and less enjoyable in my opinion so don't wait too long before drinking.


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