The All Natural Radler for Summertime Sipping

The All Natural Radler for Summertime Sipping

The All Natural Radler is a perfect summertime sipper. Radlers are a German creation. A refreshing, lightly alcoholic beverage that you can sip all day. This version combines real sparkling citrus juices with beer for a authentic, naturally refreshing summer treat.


This version created with your Bonne O has some big advantages over the commercial versions. First, you can use your own favourite beer as the base. Any beer is fabulous, but a hefeweizen (wheat beer) is a treat with citrus. Second, you're using real citrus and so the citrus notes don't just taste real, they are real. Massively superior taste to months old canned or bottled radlers. Third, you control the sweetness. Many commercial radlers are sugar bombs.  Love the citrus, not the sugar.

Creating an All Natural Radler with your Bonne O is fast & simple. Add some grapefruit, orange & lemon segments to the bottle, fill to the rim with cold water.

Fill the flavour chamber with strained grapefruit, orange & lemon juice. I used a half of each and it made just about the right amount of juice. Optionally add a couple teaspoons of sugar to the juice after straining. Remember to strain to keep the pulp out of your Bonne O. Alternatively, simply use pulp-free grapefruit juice in the flavour chamber. Place a carbonator in the carbonation chamber.

Close up the system, press the button and sparkle!

Finally, half fill your glass with your favourite beer and top up with a pour of your fresh, all natural radler mix. Garnish with a slice of citrus & enjoy!

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