The Bonne O Cocktail Throwdown!

The competition was fierce and unrelenting at our holiday party's inaugural Bonne O Cocktail Throwdown!

It was very fun and entertaining - thanks to everyone for coming. Extra thanks to those that put their creations out there. I'm sure we'll hear about these competitions sprouting across North America next year.

NO ONE has been able to make these drinks before so it's like being a hazy part of history. Not quite on par with signing the Magna Carta but still, it was something special - as I vaguely recall...

The evening began with wonderful people and three Bonne O systems liberated from the testing lab (no these are not production units and they are not production colors, so shhhhhh don't tell). Food, drink, conversation and creativity.

So without further ado here are the top three award winners and two honorable mentions. We'll post the directions for making the top three along with some more pics in a few days.

After extensive discussion, analysis and de rigueur controversy involving the Russian judge... the WORLD'S FIRST AWARD is awarded to Greg's Holiday Homicide. Yes, this little charmer was carbonated vodka, infused with chocolate liqueur and a candy cane to make a sparkling chocolate mint martini. That's right, INFUSED CARBONATED VODKA. I'm not sure the world is ready for it, but it is ready for the world - and surprisingly tasty.

The INDUBITABLY DELICIOUS AWARD goes to Carolyn & Al's Raj Noël. Prepared with unsweetened early grey tea, gin, lemonade concentrate and orange rind. Individually the inputs are not so tasty, but pressure infused together they are amazing!

The NOT JUST A PRETTY FACE AWARD goes to Mick's Bonne-O-politan! The cranberry concentrate creates a fantastic swirling lava lamp effect as it mixes. The final vodka and triple sec beverage is a wonderful seasonal color - and it tastes as good as it looks. Created by an experienced former bartender - now a very talented engineer! Does he have the perfect job or what?

Directions to come for the finalists. Now for the honorable mentions! First is Peter's Tropical Express. Infusing papaya into pineapple-orange-lime juice and tequila it was a party pleaser.

The Strawberry & Pineapple Infused Wine Spritzer started the evening off. Wine and water in the bottle along with some strawberries & pineapple - plus a few ice cubes to rapidly chill the wine. Light, fruity and bubbly! A fine start to an evening that was building to carbonated vodka. Pacing people, it's all about pacing.

Thanks to everyone that created and tasted! Good times!

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