Cocktail Champion - The Bonne-O-politian

The NOT JUST A PRETTY FACE AWARD goes to Mick's Bonne-O-politan at Bonne O's Inaugural Cocktail Throwdown!

Created by a former bartender, this is a beautiful ruby red holiday drink. You're safe to judge this book by its cover because it tastes as good as it looks.

Every drink made with the Bonne O Carbonating System require three things. Filling the bottle, the flavor chamber and the CO2 chamber.

In this case fill the bottle with:

- 8oz of chilled vodka (1 cup),
- 4oz of chilled Triple Sec (1/2 cup),
- a handful of limes and
- chilled water to completely top up the bottle.

    Adding chilled ingredients to the bottle, including the spirits, leads to great carbonation. Don't forget to chill the spirits - if you forget, add a few ice cubes to the bottle and shake to rapidly chill before you carbonate.

    Then fill the flavor chamber with chilled cranberry concentrate and place a carbonator in the CO2 chamber. Push the button and watch the show!

    The CO2 created by the carbonator forces the cranberry concentrate into the bottle.

    This creates a cool lava lamp effect since the concentrate is heavier than the water and spirits in the bottle.

    When the concentrate is fully transferred into the bottle the bubbles burst into the bottle.

    This mixes the contents of the drink and pressure infuses all the flavors together.

    The system creates up to 80psi (5.5 bars), which results in a very carbonated and very mixed drink.

    Open & pour! The taste of the cranberry, lime and a hint of orange from the Triple Sec blend together perfectly.

    Congratulations & thanks Mick!



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