Cocktail Champion - The Raj Noël

The INDUBITABLY DELICIOUS AWARD went to Carolyn & Al's Raj Noël at Bonne O's Inaugural Cocktail Throwdown.

This is a very tasty drink. Indubitably delicious in fact. With it being tea based, you can tenuously claim that it is healthy fun. Plus gin is made from juniper berries, which sounds like fresh conifer-laden mountain air. If you don't like the taste of gin, no worries, it smoothly blends in. This is not a spirit-forward cocktail.

Every drink made with the Bonne O Carbonating System requires three things. Filling the bottle, the flavor chamber and the CO2 chamber.

In this case fill the bottle with:

- two earl grey tea bags (or pre-prepared unsweetened earl grey tea),
- a handful of thin sliced orange rinds,
- 5oz chilled gin (2/3 cup) and
- chilled water to completely top up the bottle.
    Then fill the flavor chamber with pulp-free lemonade concentrate and place a carbonator in the CO2 chamber.

    Push the button and watch the show! As the CO2 gas is produced it forces the lemonade concentrate into the bottle and the entire bottle contents are pressure infused together and mixed by the bubbles.

    Done! Open the bottle and pour the drink. Tea + gin + deliciousness = the Raj Noël. Certain to please all imperial overlords through the holidays and beyond.

    Congratulations & thanks to Carolyn & Alan!

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