Cocktail Champion - The Holiday Homicide

After extensive discussion, analysis and de rigueur controversy involving the Russian judge... the WORLD'S FIRST AWARD is awarded to Greg's Holiday Homicide at Bonne O's Inaugural Cocktail Throwdown. It's the world's first infused, carbonated vodka. In this case it's a sparkling chocolate mint martini. Yum yum.

Step one was an optional garnish. Rim the glasses with chocolate liqueur and dip in a finely crushed candy cane.

Now to prepare the beverage. Every drink made with the Bonne O Carbonating System requires three things. Filling the bottle, the flavor chamber and the CO2 chamber.

In this case fill the bottle with:

- a bottle of very chilled vodka (OK in freezer, 80 proof vodka freezes at -27C) and
- a candy cane.

    Then fill the flavor chamber with chocolate liqueur and place a carbonator in the CO2 chamber.

    Push the button and watch the candy cane dance around!

    Tah dah! Open and see the bubbles. That's carbonated, infused vodka.

    Pour into the candy cane rimmed glasses and share! The taste is a bubbly combination of peppermint, chocolate and holiday spirit.

    Share & enjoy! Congratulations to Greg for a world first. Call the folks at the Guinness Book of World Records!


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