Our Recipe for Your New Year's Recovery

Depending upon what kind of New Year's Eve you had, today you may be looking for ONLY a pure, simple sparkling water to start your day. If it was a Cocktail Throwdown, then it's a sparkling water and a coffee. And probably another.

But today it's New Year's Day. It's cold and the shops are closed. Only a heavily carbonated water will rip away the hair of the dog and the fridge is empty. That's a problem.

Time to fire up the trusty Bonne O. Three things to do to make sparkling water. None of them involve heading out into the cold.

- Fill the bottle with chilled, filtered water
- Fill the flavor chamber with chilled, filtered water
- Put one carbonator in the carbonation chamber

Push the button.

Relax and enjoy the warmth of your home and the cool bubbles washing away the last year's grogginess.

You could have had some super-bubbly french water shipped over the ocean, slugged it home and stored it. Instead you have heavy-duty commercial quality carbonation here at home. Seriously, it is very carbonated. Burn the back of your throat carbonated. Rip away the hair of the dog carbonated. Too carbonated? No problem, use part of one carbonator and customize the carbonation to how you're feeling.

Can't raise your head to follow these three steps? Hmmmm...maybe time for a lifestyle change. Alternatively, make a bottle of refreshing, recovery sparkling water the day before and store it 100% sealed and carbonated in your refrigerator for later. You will still need to crawl to the fridge, open the door, open the bottle and pour it. And drink it. Life can be hard some days.

Happy New Year!

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