All Natural Innovation: Fruit Infuse Your Sparkling Water

We love sparkling water. It starts the New Year right. We've made and enjoyed 10 bottles in the past week. But after 10 of anything, you've got to mix it up.

Our eyes landed on that box of clementines from the holidays. Yes, it's time for a seriously carbonated, healthy and interesting Clementine-Infused Sparking Water. Fruit infusions are different from simply placing fruit in your glass of sparkling water. 80psi (5.5 bar) of pressure and a powerful pump pressure-infuse the flavors and essences of the fruit into the water for maximum taste. All bottle ingredients are carbonated. Even the clementines are carbonated. Bubbly & yummy.

To make any Bonne O beverage, do three things.

- Fill the flavor chamber: Use chilled, filtered water.
- Fill the carbonation chamber: One carbonator.
- Fill the bottle: In this case, slice a peeled clementine in half. Drop the sliced segments into the bottle. Fill the remainder of the bottle with chilled, filtered water.

Push the button. As the bubbles cycle through the bottle, the fruit dances around.

Open the bottle and pour. Enjoy a refreshing, all natural change from pure sparkling water.

The clementine-infused sparkling water will be light and refreshing as you would expect an all natural fruit infusion to be. Passive fruit infusion can take at least a day, but with the Bonne O Carbonation System it is ready in minutes.

If you prefer some additional sweetness, fully dissolve a few of teaspoons of sugar into the water that goes into the flavor chamber. Do this prior to placing it in the flavor chamber. Depending upon the level of sweetness you choose this can become an All Natural Clementine Soda.

If you're ready for an adult evening kick, add some chilled vodka to the bottle prior to carbonating for a Clementine-Infused Vodka Soda. A lean enough bevvy for January, but just a taste of what is to come in Fabulous February.

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