Our Latest Creation: The Recipe Book!

One of our creations was born today! We are proud to present our recipe book, "100 Sparkling Creations". I'll let you in on a little secret... there's more than 140 recipes in there.

Today was press approval day for the recipe book. If you're into press approvals or big equipment this blog post is for you. If not, the actual book will be available in May. Here's how it was made. The proofing and production process takes all day. Throughout the day double sided proof pages with 16 pages per sheet were ready for approval like the ones below.

They came from this high speed press with the enormous roll of paper. There's something incredibly fascinating about massive equipment in action. Fascinating, but I kept my hands back.

Each proof was slightly adjusted to balance the colors and match the original photography. This is one of the plates that one color is printed from:

At the other end of the machine - it's at least 100ft long - the pages are rapidly printed. The colors and photography look incredible. It was shot in the summer so it looks especially good right now.

Finally, approved stacks of each set of 16 double sided pages wait for cutting, binding & delivery. There are 128 pages plus the cover waiting for the next step. We're ready!

Hope you enjoyed the tour behind the scenes!

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