Tea Time! Blackberry Cucumber Mint Sparkling Tea

Today we are sharing the exciting news that in minutes you can cold infuse tea with your Bonne O system. No heat, no waiting for days for cold infusion. This is cold infusion at the press of a button. A world first.

We're excited because it opens up a whole new world of beverages. Pure cold infused teas - sweetened and unsweetened, tea-based cocktails and fruit & tea combinations. We want to show off the possibilities today with the Blackberry Cucumber Mint Sparkling Tea.

To max out the healthy goodness and deliciousness we will be combining halved blackberries, cucumber slices, one lemon wedge, a mint sprig and a black tea bag. You can use any tea bag or loose tea in a tea ball. Blackberries, lemon, cucumber, mint and tea blend together for a subtle and enjoyable blend. Careful with the cucumber. You will taste a couple slices - really, cucumber pressure infuses very well. Add five slices like I did and it's cucumber mayhem. Consider yourself warned. Adjust to your taste.

Put everything in the bottle and top up the bottle with chilled, filtered water. I recommend dissolving a couple teaspoons of sugar in a half cup of chilled water and filling the flavor chamber with this lightly sweetened water. Add a carbonator to the carbonation chamber and push the button.

There you have it. A delicious, cold infused sparking tea at the touch of a button. Nice looking, delicious and jam-packed full of things that you should drink and now want to. Open this one over the sink because mint leaves encourage bubble creation. Enjoy!


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