The Winter Energizer: Sparkling Ginger Green Tea

As January draws to a close it's time for an energy boost! Today we infuse the soothing, sharp taste of ginger with the restorative properties of green tea. A delicious, energizing pick-me-up for a mid-winter day.

Start with some loose leaf green tea in a tea ball (or a green tea bag), a slice of ginger, ginger syrup and chilled, filtered water.

To make this sparkling pressure-infused ice tea, do three things:

1) Put a slice of ginger and the tea ball in the bottle and fill with cold, filtered water
2) Fill the flavor chamber with ginger syrup
3) Place one carbonator in the carbonation chamber

Push the button. The syrup is heavier than the water and creates a lava lamp effect until the bubbles burst through into the bottle.

The carbonation cycle pressure infuses the taste of the ginger and green tea together. The bottle is fresh-sealed and fully carbonated. Store it in your refrigerator for later or open now and enjoy.

There are so many bubbles that they lift the metal tea ball up. Carbonation levitation!

Pour & enjoy. Zesty ginger and restorative green tea are pressure infused together for your winter energy needs.

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