CJ's World First: Bacon-Infused Sparkler & Bacon-Infused Bourbon Cocktail

Thanks to CJ, a bacon and maple syrup lover in Vancouver, another world first has been created. For her, putting bacon and maple syrup in the Bonne O system was as natural as peanut butter and jam. We're glad she did! It was shockingly tasty.

Our chief engineer and professionally trained drinker immediately connected the smokey infused taste of bacon with bourbon. Attention mixology masters: this works. So today we also present the bacon-infused maple bourbon cocktail! Yes, like carbonated vodka - it makes you wonder "is the world ready for bacon-infused bourbon?" Fortunately for you, our feelings regarding this existential question is emphatically yes. Game on.

Here's how to make it happen. First make some bacon. We recommend thick sliced. You only need one slice, but who makes just one slice of bacon? Bacon draws a crowd. That's what the extra slices are for.

Gratuitous glistening bacon shot below.

Put the bacon and bourbon in the bottle then top up with cold filtered water. Add maple syrup to the flavor chamber - a half syrup / half water mix is sufficient, but is this recipe really about restraint? - and a carbonator to the carbonation chamber.

Push the button and watch the show. Dancing bubbly bacon.

When you're done the longer you leave the bottle sealed the stronger the smoky bacon flavor permeates the drink. Make it in the afternoon before your maple-bacon-bourbon party. Now you're thinking about your upcoming maple-bacon-bourbon party. Decorating themes anyone?

Crack open, pour and enjoy.



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