The Essential Mojito Revolution!

The Essential Mojito Revolution!

The essential step of a great Mojito is muddling the mint in sugar and lime juice just enough to get the essences & oils out, but not so much that the leaves are shredded. Essential, but work. Mojito = relax + enjoy.

For an incredible Mojito everytime without muddling - read on my thirsty friend. Let's take you (beverage-wise) from cold weather to welcoming, sun drenched thoughts of rum-based beverages!

Join the Mojito Revolution! Grab three limes, a couple sprigs of mint, 3/4 cup of light rum and some simple syrup. To quickly make a simple syrup, take a half cup of sugar and stir it into a half cup of warm water until fully dissolved.

Cut one lime into wedges and strain the other two to create about a 1/4 cup of pulp-free lime juice.

Put the simple syrup in the flavor chamber, put a carbonator in the carbonation chamber and drop the mint, lime juice, a couple lime wedges, rum and a few ice cubes in the bottle (keep some lime wedges and mint sprigs for garnishing). Top up the remainder of the bottle with cold, filtered water. The ice cubes will ensure the drink is very cold from the start. Cold helps create strong carbonation. Press the button.

The pressure infusion will squeeze and agitate the mint and limes to get their essences into your Mojito without muddling. Plus up to 80psi of system pressure carbonates the water, rum and essences together into the most incredible Mojito possible. Everytime. Vive la révolution!

Cocktails prepared with a Bonne O will remain sealed and fully carbonated until you are ready to enjoy. Fruit and spirit combinations will create many bubbles. Top open easily, do the following. Press the vent on the top bottle cap to release some pressure, let the bubbles settle and repeat a couple times. After that the cap will be easy to open. Enjoy!


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