Cold Brewed Coffee Soda - Full coffee flavor, bright & refreshing in minutes

Cold brewed coffee offers a whole new range of times and occasions to enjoy a coffee and lower acidity. It's a delicious and refreshing change but can take at least a day to create. Until now. For the first time you can create a cold pressure-brewed coffee soda in minutes. And did we mention it is delicious & refreshing? If you are a coffee fan, you want one.

There are a couple ways to do make a refreshing coffee soda. The simplest is to (1) add a handful of coffee beans to the bottle then top up with cold, filtered water. (2) fill the flavor chamber with a light simple syrup by fully dissolving a couple of teaspoons of sugar into a glass of water. (3) place a carbonator in the carbonation chamber.

Push the button and watch as the system pressure and agitation squeezes the flavor and essences from the coffee beans. Using whole beans releases the beans' oils and flavors with less color. Many thanks to Geoff and the coffee wizards at Propeller Coffee for the inspiration, tutorial, coffee and morning of experiments behind this concept.

Pour and enjoy! What a refreshing coffee beverage. Full of coffee flavor, bright and bubbly. The longer you leave the beverage and the beans in the pressurized bottle the deeper the flavor and color. This example was poured immediately after creation. Just right for sipping on a patio. The whole beans pour with the drink as an appropriate incidental garnish + a straw is a practical touch.

Now if you prefer a stronger looking coffee soda, try this tip. Take fine ground coffee and put it in a filter. Fully double fold and staple the filter so that no grounds can exit the filter. You don't want the grounds catching in the bottle filter and stopping the water flow nor do you want to drink them later. This is the same technique as using a tea bag or tea ball for loose leaf tea as shown before.

Put the sealed filter into the bottle instead of the whole beans. I personally really like the whole bean finished drink presentation but this method makes a darker beverage. Both have full coffee flavor while remaining bright & bubbly.

Finally as a bonus, check out the cascara soda we made as well. Cascara are the dried berry husks of the coffee plant. They make an amazing, naturally sweetened soda - using same process as with tea or coffee. Seal them in a filter and put the sealed filter in the bottle. No sugar added. The sweetness comes from the dried berries themselves. Wow, delicious. Thanks Propeller! Great idea and delicious creations.


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