5 Sparkling Ideas for Your Next Ladies Night!

A Ladies Night is a perfect opportunity to combine entertaining, creativity and deliciousness. Using your Bonne O you can create elegant sparkling cocktails and customize to your guests' tastes and ideas as the night progresses. Thanks to our creative and elegant customer and her friends in the image below with their Bonne O Sparkling Wine for inspiring this post!

The start to a fine evening is a sparkling wine or sparkling wine spritzer. To sparkle your wine with your Bonne O place a carbonator in the carbonation chamber, fill the flavor chamber with chilled wine, fill the bottle with the remainder of the wine bottle. Top up the bottle with ice so that the bottle is filled to the rim with wine and ice.  Close up the system and press the button. Voilà, ice cold sparkling wine. A great way to start your party! Here is a link to five varieties of sparkling wine and spritzers to choose from.

Next, how about some fun sparkling hors d'oevres? Using your Bonne O you can sparkle grapes with wine, creating grapes that burst with sparkling wine with every bite. Also possible using other fruit like watermelon, clementine segments, etc. Try your favorite. Here is a link to the full directions. For best results, create this one the night before to fully allow the sparking wine to penetrate the fruit and fill it with bubbles. Open this over the sink as this will bubble over. Have a glass handy to capture the escaping sparkling wine!

After sparkling wine and grapes, it's time for cocktails. A good starter is a vodka soda. This vodka soda recipe is light and pairs nicely with anything you are serving. Place a carbonator in the carbonation chamber, fill the flavor chamber with water. Place 3/4 of a cup of vodka in the bottle, some ice cubes and top up to the rim with cold water.  Close the system and press the button. An ice cold vodka soda in minutes. To get creative and stay low calorie, add some raspberries, lime or lemons to the bottle before carbonating. Or add some orange, lemon or pomegranate syrup to the flavor chamber to add a bit of sweet fruit flavor.

Finally, time to open up the creativity to your guests.  Share ideas to create new, interesting cocktails. Create a mojito without the need to muddle or a sangria in minutes. Try whatever is seasonal in your kitchen or garden. Have fun!

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