Perfect Sparkling Water = Real Ingredients + CO2 + Nothing Else

We help you create the perfect sparkling water. Perfect sparkling water = real ingredients + pure CO2 + nothing else. No sodium, no additives, nothing else. This is why our carbonator packaging says, "Only the pure CO2, not the carbonator, enters the water".  Our system design & process ensure that only pure CO2 enters the water and carbonates your beverage.

In addition to creating carbonation levels that are stronger than comparative products, our carbonators free you from having to handle a high pressure, hazmat CO2 tank. Additionally our carbonator produces no solid waste. When you are finished carbonating, you can pour the residue down the sink, as shown in the image below. The carbonators and their residue are food-safe and safe for the environment. They are convenient and environmentally friendly.

Today let's make three sparkling waters that may be perfect for you. Since you can put real ingredients in the bottle, you can choose your favorite all-natural essence. Today we'll try Cantaloupe Infused Sparkling Water, Grapefruit Infused Sparkling Water & Lime Infused Sparkling Water

To create a Cantaloupe Infused Sparkling Water, add a few ice cubes and a few cubes of cantaloupe to the bottle.  Fill the bottle to the rim with cold water.  Fill the flavor chamber with water and add a carbonator to the carbonation chamber.  Close the system and press the button. Here is a video of the pre-cycle startup when the Bonne O tests the water and calibrates the system before carbonating. Your Bonne O is an intelligent system that dynamically adjusts based on the inputs. Here is a video of the created beverage - powerful carbonation with the essence of cantaloupe. Refreshing & all natural. Enjoy!

To create a Grapefruit Infused Sparkling Water, substitute grapefruit for the cantaloupe. Cutting the rind off the grapefruit allows more surface area to pressure infuse flavor into your beverage. Here is a video of the created beverage with the all natural essence of grapefruit.

To create a Lime Infused Sparkling Water, substitute lime for the cantaloupe. Adding the ice to the bottle before carbonation is not necessary but it makes an ice cold beverage when created, which is ideal when you're thirsty. Bonne O is the only carbonation system that allows ice in the bottle before carbonation. Here is a video of the created lime infused beverage.

Perfect sparkling water = real ingredients + CO2 + nothing else.  The real ingredient that creates your perfect sparkling water is up to you. Get creative & share your ideas with us

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