Watch Bonne O In Action!

Bonne O is made for video. You can see the creation process as the real ingredients dance inside the bottle. You know those essences and flavors are being squeezed into the liquid because you can see the pressure infusion process happening.

Our customers and retail partners are starting to use video as well.  Today we'll share a few with you. Williams-Sonoma has just released a video with four beverage ideas you may enjoy.

Home Shopping Network (HSN) featured Bonne O last week. The hosts shared about 5 different drink ideas over the broadcast. They also did a wonderful job of highlighting the benefits and differences between Bonne O and the "other carbonation system".  Watch it here.

Finally, here at Bonne O we think that video is a great way to quickly and richly share drink ideas. We use short clips of drink ideas in motion so you can see what is possible. We are also starting to share more detailed step-by-step "How-To" videos. We'll continue to add more ways to get the creativity out there. The link to our YouTube Channel is available at the bottom of every page of our site.

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