Jillian Harris' Lavender Honey Lemon Sparkler & Contest!

This week Jillian Harris (Love it or List It host, former Bachelorette & interior designer) has created her own Bonne O creation to share with you.  See her post and enter a contest to win your own Bonne O (or one to keep your first Bonne O company...)

To make Jillian's Lavender Honey Lemon Sparkler, place a few slices of lemon, a few sprigs of lavender and some ice cubes in the bottle and top up the bottle to the rim with cold water.  Create a light honey syrup by dissolving a tablespoon or so of honey to a half cup of water and pour into the flavor chamber.  Then place one carbonator in the carbonation chamber, close up the appliance and push the button.

Pour into glasses (optionally over an ounce of vodka per glass) and enjoy this all natural & refreshing way to beat the heat! Don't forget to head over to Jillian's to enter the contest!


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