Naturally Refreshing Summer Sippers

When you're relaxing in the summer sun you need something refreshing within reach. Wouldn't it also be great to drink something that keeps you looking great by the pool? Naturally refreshing is what Bonne O specializes in. Time to infuse the delicious, natural flavors of Watermelon & Lime, Pineapple & Mint and Melon & Thyme into your sparkling waters!

Watermelon and lime combine nicely.  The lime gives a bit of structure to the sweet watermelon. The drink itself has a hint of sweetness from the watermelon and a bit of sour from the limes. To create Watermelon & Lime Infused Sparkling Water take a couple segments of lime, a handful of small cubes of watermelon (small fruit cubes will pour better and garnish the drink), a few ice cubes and put them all in the bottle. 

Top the bottle up to the rim with cold water. Fill the flavor chamber with water and place a carbonator in the carbonation chamber. Close up the system, push the button and watch as the pressure in the bottle squeezes the natural flavors and essences of the watermelon and lime into the water. Open, pour & enjoy! To see a video of the completed drink, click here. Optionally consider a half cup of vodka in the bottle for a light Watermelon & Lime Vodka Soda. Open all booze and fruit combinations carefully and be ready for extra bubbles.

Pineapple & mint is another wonderful natural flavor combination.  Take a handful of small pineapple chunks and a sprig or two of mint and put in the bottle as outlined for the drink above. 

If you use ripe pineapple the Pineapple Mint Infused Sparkling Water is slightly sweeter than the watermelon lime. Could this use a splash of rum (added to the bottle) and a light simple syrup (in the flavor chamber)? I wouldn't say no, but this is a very refreshing beverage on it's own and great for any time of day. Pineapple and mint is a sweet, fresh combination that really works well together.

To see a video of the completion of this drink, click here.

Finally the combination of melon and thyme creates a subtle, refreshing summer beverage. Substitute small chunks of cantaloupe and some thyme for the pineapple and mint above.

Melon & Thyme Infused Sparkling Water is a very subtly flavored. I enjoy its light flavors but if you want a bit more taste, you can perk up the sweetness slightly by adding a light simple syrup to the flavor chamber instead of straight water. Just dissolve a teaspoon of sugar into a cup of cold water and pour that light simple syrup into the flavor chamber. Sometimes a little bit of sweetness is just what a hot afternoon needed - but you can control how much and can make it the way you like it.

To see a video of the completed drink above, click here.

Delicious & naturally refreshing!  Perfect for by the pool, deck or dock - just add sunshine and warmth. Enjoy your summer!

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