How does Bonne O's Tank-Free Carbonation Work?

People love innovation - they love to try it, play with it and figure out how it works. The two key Bonne O carbonation technology innovations are:

  1. Your Bonne O enables you to carbonate almost anything - not just water. We post about this a lot because the possibilities are endless.
  2. You don't need a CO2 tank to carbonate. You don't need to remember to return your empty tank to the store, you don't need to store a hazmat, high pressure tank in your kitchen and we can ship our carbonators using couriers and postal services.

All good - but how does it work?

We focused on safety and purity. Over three years of research & development we determined the food safe solid that produced the maximum quantity of pure CO2 gas. Using a food safe solid means that it is 100% safe and it can be shipped. The active ingredients are citric acid, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), potassium bicarbonate and potassium carbonate. All of these ingredients are found in the food you eat.

Since our carbonators are safe we can apply minimal packaging. You open the wrapper and drop it in the carbonation chamber. Minimal packaging means minimal waste and we like that.

The Bonne O appliance is designed to pull some water from the top of the bottle (which is why you must fill the bottle completely, to the rim) through the appliance and onto the carbonator. This initiates the carbonation process and produces approximately 1 gallon (4L) of CO2 gas from a single carbonator. The gas, not the carbonator itself, travels through the appliance and into the beverage bottle. Since the volume of CO2 produced is controlled, we can ensure strong carbonation every time, unlike the historically manual process in traditional home carbonation technology.

To ensure beverage quality we had Covance Laboratories of Madison, Wisconsin test the content of distilled water prior to carbonation using the Bonne O system and after carbonation. None of the carbonator content enters your beverage, only pure CO2. CO2 is absorbed into the water to carbonate it, which lowers the pH of the water and creates all the bubbles when you open the bottle. We have also tested the quality of carbonation using the Bonne O system. It is the most powerful carbonation available. Here is the report summarizing the results of this comparative carbonation study.

Finally, the waste residue remains in the carbonation chamber and can be poured down the drain. This liquid waste is also safe for you and the environment. Bonne O carbonators offer the convenience of coffee pods but in an environmentally friendly manner.

Each carbonator carbonates one full 25.4oz (750ml) bottle. At $0.50 per carbonator (U.S. MSRP) that means that for $0.50 you can create a bottle of sparkling water, a bottle of fruit infused sparkling water, sparkle a bottle of wine or create a bottle of sparkling iced tea. That's $0.17 per 8oz (240ml) serving and with the convenience of no tank to handle or return.

Our carbonation technology is new and innovative. New ideas create questions and a desire to understand how the new technology works. We hope that this helps. If you have any unanswered questions email us, call us at 1-866-891-1445 or reach out on facebook anytime!

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