Hydrated Happiness: Sparkling Coconut Water & Tropical Sea Breeze

The hottest days of summer need some serious, tropical grade hydration. Time to look south for inspiration!

Coconut water is everywhere. People love it's naturally light, sweet taste and electrolyte composition. It has truly taken North America by tropical ;) storm. Did you know that coconut water can be sparkled using your Bonne O system? If you think coconut water is refreshing and delicious, just wait until you try Sparkling Coconut Water!

Creating a Sparkling Coconut Water is easy. Take your favorite coconut water and make sure it is chilled from your refrigerator. Place a few ice cubes in the bottle and fill the bottle to the rim with chilled coconut water. Put some coconut water in the flavor chamber and a carbonator in the carbonation chamber.  Close up the bottle and the system, push the button. Enjoy! Optionally fill the bottle half with coconut water and half with water. Your coconut water will go farther and it is even lighter and more refreshing.

Next for some serious tropical refreshment.  A Sea Breeze cocktail combines the flavors of coconut, pineapple and rum. Yum! To create a Sea Breeze, fill the flavor chamber with pineapple juice and put a carbonator in the carbonation chamber. Place a few ice cubes, a 1/2 cup of rum and a couple cups of chilled coconut water in the bottle. Top the bottle up to the rim with cold water. Close the bottle and the system. Press the button. Pour and enjoy!

Serious tropical refreshment. That's what you need to stay hydrated and happy through the hottest days of summer!

Visit these links to see a video of the end of cycle & pour for the Sparkling Coconut Water and Tropic Sea Breeze.

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