Sparkling Session Old Fashioned for Holiday Sipping

Stephanie from i am a food blog has created the perfect Holiday sipper with her Bonne O.  Inspired by the classic Old Fashioned, but with a modern sensibility.

Old Fashioned are classic, but so powerful that after a few it's nap time. Stephanie's updated Session Old Fashioned is a citrus powered, lower proof, scurvy-fighting inspiration for sipping through your weekend. Session cocktails are a growing cocktail trend and perfectly suited to sparkling with your Bonne O!

For the full recipe and all of Stephanie's beautiful photography please visit i am a food blog. Here is the summary to pique your interest and get your salivary glands working.


To create this summery sipping gem fill the flavor chamber with some thyme simple syrup (1/4 cup water, 1/4 cup sugar & 4-5 sprigs of fresh thyme boiled and cooled) and place a carbonator in the carbonation chamber.  Fill the bottle with a few ice cubes, orange slices, grapefruit slices, 6 dashes angostura bitter and top up with water. Close the bottle in the system and press the button.

Pour 1oz of bourbon to each of 3 glasses and pour the carbonated beverage base over the bourbon. Garnish each glass with a sprig of thyme. Enjoy your long weekend and celebrate the end of a wonderful summer!

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