Sparkling the Late Summer Harvest: Peach Bellini

Stone fruit are in season! Amazing, fresh & juicy peaches are available in whole boxes for the price of a few sad looking ones in the winter. It's fast, easy and a bit fancy to sparkle up a fresh, beautiful Peach Bellini using your Bonne O!

There are a few ways to prepare a Peach Bellini. This version makes 4 glasses, is simple to prepare, smooth tasting and a little less boozy and sweet. Adjust to taste!

To prepare the peach purée, peel two full, ripe peaches and slice them into segments. Throw the segments, a half cup of water, a few teaspoons of sugar and a handful of ice cubes in the blender. Blend until puréed. Chill in the refrigerator until ready to use.

For the beverage base, take a chilled bottle of dry white wine. Any dry white will work since the wine flavors are overwhelmed by the peach. Lighter, lightly or unoaked varietals such as sauvingnon blanc, chenin blanc or viognier vs. a buttery chardonnay are best. Fill the flavor chamber with the chilled wine, and fill your Bonne O bottle with the remainder of the wine.  Top up your Bonne O bottle with cold water and a couple ice cubes to fill it to the rim. Optionally top up the bottle with either peach liqueur, peach schnapps, rum instead of water for a boozy kick.  Close up the Bonne O and press the button to sparkle your wine.

To serve, place a few teaspoons of the peach purée in each of four glasses.  Pour sparkling wine over the purée. The purée will cause the sparkling wine to bubble vigorously in the glass so pour slowly.  Pour immediately before serving since the drink will look and taste best immediately after pouring. For a short video of the pour, click here.  Have fun sparkling the fruits of late summer!



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