Behind the Scenes: Bonne O Holiday Shoot

Here at Bonne O we're getting ready for the Holidays! No one has bought any presents yet (everyone we know is getting a second Bonne O anyways...kidding kidding...) but we just finished our Holiday photo shoot. So today we're sharing a sneak peek of three Holiday drink ideas plus a look behind the scenes of our shoot.

We love this one - it's a Festive Mojito! It's Christmas with the Castros when you add pomegranate seeds to the traditional white rum, lime and mint. Plus with your Bonne O it's a no muddle Mojito. The flavors are infused and sparkled in the bottle without muddling. It's amazing what the right lighting and a good eye does for the shot as well - the pomegranate seeds and mint look like holly and berries in the glass.

Next up we sparkled white, rosé and red wine to show the options for holiday parties. White and rosé are the traditional crowd pleasers, but consider an off-dry, peppery Shiraz for sparkling over the holidays. Here's a great primer on sparkling reds from Wine Folly. Sparkling the right reds is a taste adventure and a point of conversation at your party.

The final sneak peek is a Rosemary Gin Fizz.  It looks so festive and seasonal - and can work all winter garnished with evergreens. We used a Rosemary Syrup (take a few sprigs of rosemary with a half cup of sugar and half cup of water, bring to boil then simmer for 10 minutes then cool - put an ice cube in it to speed it up if you prefer.) in the flavor chamber and fresh rosemary in the bottle topped up to the rim with cold water. We poured this one over an ounce of gin in each of four glasses. Fresh, seasonal and the rosemary really brings out earthy notes in the drink.

We hope you enjoyed the sneak peek into what is coming for the Holidays from Bonne O.  We've got more as well so be sure to sign up for our weekly beverage ideas and like our Facebook page to follow us on Facebook. Plus if you're starting to think about the Holidays, we've got a sparkling beverage system that might make someone very happy.

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