Share Your Favourite Recipe & Here's Ours!

We love hearing how our customers are crafting unique sparkling beverages with their Bonne O systems.  Submit your best recipe for a chance to be featured here and on our social media!  To enter, email your favourite Bonne O creation to!

To get your creative juices flowing, we are sharing our favourite sparkling iced tea. This Sparkling Blackberry Cucumber Lemon Mint Tea looks and tastes amazing. There are thousands of fruit, tea, wine or spirit combinations possible.

Here's how to create this sparkling tea. Put a black tea bag, ice cubes, a lemon wedge, a couple cucumber slices, a handful of halved blackberries and a mint sprig in the bottle and top up with cold water to the rim. Take a glass of water, stir in a teaspoon of sugar or honey and pour in the flavor chamber when dissolved.  Place a carbonator in the carbonation chamber.

Close up the system and press the button. The beverage is sparkled and infused with the flavours of the tea, fruits, vegetable & herb. When complete you can either open or store in the refrigerator. If you store it, the pressure in the bottle will continue to infuse the flavors into the tea. If you open, open slowly over the sink allowing the bubbles to settle before completely opening the bottle cap.


Enjoy! We look forward to sharing your favourites - email yours to!

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