Mandy's Marvelous Mixology: Maple Bourbon Apple Cider

Thanks for sharing your recipe ideas! There were many great ideas and Mandy of Collingwood has absolutely wowed us with her marvelous mixology. Her Maple Bourbon Apple Cider cocktail is perfect for your Bonne O. It is de-lic-ious! To create it, take the rich fall flavor of apple cider, sweeten it with maple and tart it up with a bit of lemon. Add bourbon and fine bubbles for a smooth, delicious, classic fall cocktail.

To make this fall classic, grab some apple cider, maple syrup, bourbon and a lemon. Fall decorations complete the look, but keep the flowers and corn out of the drink.

Pour the squeezed juice of one lemon into the flavor chamber and top up the chamber with maple syrup.  If you're measuring, that's about 3 tbsp (45ml) of lemon juice and 1/3 of a cup (80ml) of maple syrup. Insert a carbonator in the carbonation chamber. Put a few ice cubes and 1/2 cup of bourbon in the bottle. Top the bottle up to the rim with chilled apple cider. Close up the system and press the button.

Garnish the glass with a cinnamon stick, open the bottle and pour slowly. Share and enjoy Mandy's Maple Bourbon Apple Cider!  We definitely did.

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