Behind the Scenes of our "How To" Video

We have a new 1 minute "how to" video live on our site! Today we are sharing it with you and a peek behind the scenes. We created the video to show everyone how easy it is to sparkle everything and to have a quick "how to" guide to consistently creating great beverages. The video outlines the four steps to using a Bonne O and a few tips.

The process of creating compelling video takes weeks of planning, storyboarding, preparing, training, finding talent, shooting and editing. Even when you have all of that ready, it comes down to great staging and lighting. Fortunately we have great creative partners! You can see the lighting set-up below. They made sure that the light surrounded the appliance and also projected behind the bottle so you could really see the ingredients sparkling and infusing in the bottle.

The tight video of the ingredients in the bottle was shot with an iPhone 6 Plus with a massive lens attachment - massive only in relation to the phone itself actually. The quality and range of what can be done with a phone is simply incredible. What doesn't change is the need for great lighting.

Here is a screen grab of the finished product with the tight shot. You can watch it at about the 45 second mark of the video itself.

Finally, since this is a Sparkling Recipes blog here is what we are making in the video. The first beverage is a Pomegranate-Lime-Mint Infused Sparkling Water and the second is a Lime Infused Pom Sparkler. Both are beautifully delicious!

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