5 Tips for Creating the Finest Sparkling Water

5 Tips for Creating the Finest Sparkling Water

Creating sparkling water is easy with your Bonne O Sparkling Beverage System. Here are 5 tips and a bit of science that will help you get the very finest sparkling water everytime.


First, sparkling your tap water can enhance its 'tap' flavours. Use filtered tap water. Simply keep a Brita or similar filter pitcher in your refrigerator and use it to fill your Bonne O bottles.

Second, the colder the water, the better the water absorbs and retains CO2 gas. Add some ice to your Bonne O bottle. You can add almost anything to your Bonne O bottle and adding ice is an easy way to make your fluid as cold as possible.

Third, while plain sparkling water is healthy, for some people it can get a bit boring. Keep it truly exciting by adding fruit, herbs, vegetables or spices to your Bonne O bottle before sparkling. The pressure will infuse the natural flavours of whatever you put in the bottle into your water. Voila! You have a never-ending supply of exciting, healthy waters to try.

Fourth, it's the science of carbonation that allows your Bonne O system to make very bubbly and infused beverages. It's the controlled system pressure (up to 5 bars) combined with the programmed cycle time that enables the CO2 and flavours absorption. The other factor is temperature - getting the contents of the bottle cold will help the system do its work.

Fifth, your beverage will remain sealed and sparkled in the Bonne O bottle until you are ready to open and enjoy it. The colder the bottle contents when you open it, the longer the bubbles will last and the few bubbles will be created on any fruit or other ingredients in the bottle. Store your prepared Bonne O beverages in the refrigerator until you are ready to open it.

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