Counting Down the Top 12 Sparkling Creations of 2015

Counting Down the Top 12 Sparkling Creations of 2015

Let's celebrate the holiday season by starting a daily countdown of the Top 12 Sparkling Creations of 2015! We have a featured creation every day until New Years. These top 12 are selected from our weekly beverage creations in 2015. Have a wonderful holiday season! Keep creating & sharing your sparkling beverage ideas in 2016.

#12 Sparkling Holiday Sangria (December 21)

Sparkling Holiday Sangria is a holiday party crowd pleaser! To prepare put orange segments, apple slices & pom seeds in the bottle topped up with chilled red wine. Put red wine in the flavor chamber and a carbonator in the carbonation chamber.

Sangrias prepared with a Bonne O will remain sealed and fully carbonated until you are ready to enjoy. Fruit and wine combinations will create many bubbles. Top open easily, do the following. Press the vent on the top bottle cap to release some pressure, let the bubbles settle and repeat a couple times. After that the cap will be easy to open. Enjoy!

#11 Spa Waters (December 22)

Whew! Your holiday shopping is done. Time to sit back & relax with some spa water. Taste the infused flavors of mint & cucumber, sage & blackberry and any herb & fruit flavor that helps you feel pampered. Visit here for more flavor ideas and directions.

#10 No Muddle Festive Mojito (December 23)

Add some pom seeds to the ingredients pictured above and you're ready with a yummy festive party mojito. The bonus is that with Bonne O's sparkling infusions you don't need to muddle this mojito! To see the directions - remember to add pom seeds - click here!

#9 Styling Seasonal Vodka Soda (December 24)

Vodka sodas are very popular, but be honest, boring drinks. We add some stylishly seasonal accessories to this beverage wallflower and make it the life of the holiday party. Visit here for the directions and how to make three versions, the vodka soda itself, a healthy hydrating virgin version and a cheerful, sweeter alternative.

#8 Christmas Cranberry Sparkling Wine (December 25)

Merry Christmas! When Santa returns home to the North Pole, he and Mrs. Claus order the elves to sparkle up one of these. After the presents are wrapped (or while) and delivered, this is how the day is celebrated. Sparkling your favorite wine with Bonne O is easy - click here to see three ways to wrap it up in Christmas cheer!

#7 Mandarin Lime Sparkling Water (December 26)

Ah, resting and relaxing after a busy stretch - or maybe getting hydrated before running out to catch some Boxing Day bargains. Either way, this is a yummy, healthy way to get started. Push a button, and you're ready to rejuvenate. See how here.

#6 All Natural Sparkling Iced Teas (December 27)

Tea is such a satisfying, healthy beverage. Your Sparkling Iced Tea should be the same. By cold brewing and sparkling with a real tea bag and using your Bonne O, your Sparkling Iced Tea is now as natural as the tea you steep in your tea pot. Just what you need to recover from the holiday party circuit.

#5 Ditching the Sugar Soda Habit (December 28)

Get a jump on your New Year's Resolutions by ditching that sugar soda habit. Bonne O makes it easy by allowing you to substitute the taste kick of sugar with real, fresh and natural fruit essences. For example, use a light lemon syrup with real strawberries in the bottle. It makes a full flavor, lower sugar strawberry-infused lemonade. Naturally lower sugar with better taste.

#4 Homemade Orange Cinnamon Sparkler (December 29)

Creating your own syrups is fast & easy - and with the added benefit of being able fully control what goes into your beverage. Try this orange syrup made from real fresh oranges and then infused with the rich taste of cinnamon in your Bonne O. It is a refreshing, zesty source of vitamins & antioxidants.

#3 All Natural Fruit Infused Sparkling Waters (December 30)

Day before New Years?This is the time to start making healthy hydration fun & delicious. It is easy to take anything from your kitchen and infuse those flavors into water. All 2016 you'll be taking your water intake to a new level with your beautiful, delicious fruit infused sparkling water. The challenge will be deciding which flavor combinations to try each day! Here are three summer-inspired versions you can make all year long.

#2 Ring in the New Year with Sparkling Wine, Spritzers & Mimosas (December 31)


The sparkling wines created with your Bonne O are just the thing to ring in the New Year! Use your favorite wine to create a sparkling wine with authentic bubbly mouth-feel and taste. Plus get creative and try a spritzer or mimosa. For five spritzer & mimosa ideas, click here. Happy New Year!

#1 Sparkling Water for Healthy (re)Hydration  (January 1)

Tell me, me oh me oh my, wasn't that a party? Whether it was a party or a resolution to add healthy hydrating to your days - Bonne O is here to help. Fruit, herb and tea infusions add all natural deliciousness to water! Plus, Bonne O sparkling is incredible.  As bubbly as you want - and if you like it very bubbly, nothing can sparkle like a Bonne O. Best wishes for 2016!

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