Start Your New Year Fresh & Natural - Lime Infused Sparkling Water

Start Your New Year Fresh & Natural - Lime Infused Sparkling Water

After weeks of holidays, parties & treats your body is craving a change of pace. The great thing about sparkling water is that you can sip it all day and your body will thank you. The great thing about Bonne O is that you can make sparkling water in thousands of interesting ways using real ingredients from your kitchen!

Today we'll start simple, natural & refreshing. Real lime adds a crisp, citrus bite to sparkling water. One lime slice is all you need. With Bonne O, you add a real lime slice to the bottle before sparkling, and the lime infuses through the entire bottle. Since the bottle remains sealed after sparkling, everything remains fresh and fully carbonated until you open it. The longer you keep the bottle sealed, the more powerful the infused flavours. Infused real lime has superior taste to the commercial, chemically flavoured waters. The sparkle & taste is also superior to adding lime and stirring after carbonating.

To easily create Lime Infused Sparkling Water, fill the flavour chamber with cold water, place a carbonator in the carbonation chamber. Drop a lime segment in the bottle and top the bottle up with cold water to the rim. Close up the system and press the button.  For a video of these steps and the start of the carbonation process, click here. Note the pause after you push the button as the system dynamically calibrates according to the contents of the bottle.

After sparkling the bottle is sealed. You can either place in the refrigerator or open now to enjoy. At our house we make a couple bottles in the morning for drinking during the day. For a video of the end of carbonation cycle and pour, click here.

Cleaning your Bonne O is simple. Open the main cap & pull out the removable cup. Pour the liquid residue from the carbonation chamber into the sink and rinse the removable cup with tap water. Set the removable cup and main cap on the bottle holder to air dry. Cleaning and drying your Bonne O after use ensures it is fresh & easy to use every time.

If you do not dry out your Bonne O between uses, the main cap may become more difficult to close over time as it absorbs moisture.  Allowing the main cap to fully air dry for a few days will help it to return to the original easy closing effort.

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