All Natural Sparkling Lemonade

All Natural Sparkling Lemonade

Summer time is lemonade time! An ice cold, all natural Sparkling Lemonade sweetened with honey plus a touch of mint is pure heaven on a hot summer day. Here's how easy it is to make with your Bonne O - no cooking, just lemons, honey, mint, ice & water.


To create this summer sparkling treat, take the juice of two lemons (about 1/3rd of a cup), strain it and dissolve three tablespoons of honey into it. Pour this mixture into the flavour chamber. Place a carbonator in the carbonation chamber. Place some lemon segments and a couple sprigs of mint in the bottle along with some ice cubes and top up the bottle to the rim with cold water.

If it's time for a Hard Sparkling Lemonade, simply add some vodka to the bottle before you top it up with the water. A 1/2 of a cup of vodka will make an approximately 5% hard sparkling lemonade. 

Close up the system, press the button and sparkle! You can see the lemon juice and honey enter the bottle and then all the ingredients are sparkled while the lemon and mint flavours are infused into your beverage.

You can store the sealed bottle in the refrigerator for the hottest time of the day or open now and enjoy.

That's what this hot summer calls for - an ice cold, all natural Sparkling Lemonade. Be sure to share with the neighbours. Some have even used this as a big hit at their lemonade stands!  Here's looking at you Birthday Angels!

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