Bring Home the Islands with a Classic Caribbean Cocktail

Bring Home the Islands with a Classic Caribbean Cocktail

Snow, cold, ice... ready for a change? Bring the warmth of the islands home with a twist on a classic Caribbean cocktail - the Sparkling Painkiller! This cocktail is bubblier & lighter than the classic Painkiller - which can be a pretty heavy duty cocktail - but with all the island taste. Very tasty & easy drinking!


To create this cocktail, pour about 1/2 of a cup of rum into the bottle, half fill the bottle with cold coconut water then top up the bottle with pineapple juice.  Make sure your bottle ingredients are cold. If they aren't cold enough, add a handful ice cubes to the bottle first and let them chill the ingredients in the bottle before you sparkle it. Now half-fill the flavour chamber with lime juice and top up the flavour chamber with rum. Last add a carbonator to the carbonation chamber.

Close up the system, press the button & sparkle!

When the cycle is complete, remove the bottle and either refrigerate the sparkled & sealed bottle until you're ready to bring the islands home or open & enjoy!

After sparkling this cocktail, you'll want to run a rinse cycle. To rinse, fill a Bonne O bottle with cold water, fill the flavour chamber with water, no carbonator and close up the system & run it.  This will run water through the system to push any remaining cocktail ingredients out of the system. When you're done, rinse the bottle and the removable cup.  If any cocktail remains under the removable cup, you can take the unplugged appliance to the sink and half-fill the chamber with warm water and pour it sideways out into the sink. Let everything fully air dry before closing up the system again - as seen below in the picture to the right.


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