Celebrate Canada with a Canada Royale!

Celebrate Canada with a Canada Royale!

Did you know that Bonne O is designed & engineered in Canada? True! Celebrate Canada with us by enjoying a Canada Royale! It has the perfect colour, taste & fun for a toast to the North!


To create a Canada Royale fill your Bonne O bottle with a cold, dry Canadian white wine.  Fill the flavour chamber with Crème de Cassis and place a carbonator in the carbonation chamber.

Close the system, press the button and sparkle! You can see the Crème de Cassis mix and bubble with the wine.  All the ingredients are sparkled.

Garnish with some local strawberries if you can get your hands on them. They are usually small and packed with flavour. The perfect size for a garnish & a wonderful post-beverage munchie.

In case you're wondering, this is a perfectly reasonable cultural appropriation from the French. The Kir Royale is created with Crème de Cassis and Champagne. Happy to pay homage to and update on one of Canada's founding families!

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