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Celebrate with a Sparkling Hurricane this Mardi Gras!

Up & down Bourbon Street they offer the classic Mardi Gras cocktail, the Hurricane. Bring a taste of New Orleans home! This Sparkling Hurricane is lighter, brighter & bubblier than the original - enjoy!


To create this New Orleans inspired cocktail, add a half cup of rum to the bottle, a few ice cubes, a cup of cold water and top the bottle up with fruit juice. Passion fruit juice is preferred but any fruit juice blend will work. Fill the flavour chamber with a blend of half lime juice and half orange juice.  Place a carbonator in the carbonation chamber.

Close up the system, press the button & sparkle!

When the sparkle cycle is complete, you can either store the sealed and sparkled bottle in the refrigerator for your Mardi Gras fête or open now to get the party started!