Cold Brewed, All Natural Sparkling Iced Tea from Any Tea Bag

Cold Brewed, All Natural Sparkling Iced Tea from Any Tea Bag

Beat the heat with a sparkling iced tea! Cold brewed, all natural sparkling iced tea can be made in your kitchen in a few minutes with your Bonne O. Use any tea, fruit and/or herb combination you prefer. To see how we made a Sparkling Lemon Mint Black Tea, read on!


Put a tea bag, lemon wedges, a mint sprig and some ice cubes in the Bonne O bottle. The lemon and mint add complementary flavours to the black tea we used. You can use any tea bag, fruit and/or herb combination. Get creative! Adding ice cubes to the bottle before sparkling will ensure that the first sip is ice cold. Yum! Fill the bottle to the rim with water.

For unsweetened sparkling iced tea, just fill the favour chamber with water. Sweeten to taste by dissolving some honey or sugar in a glass of lukewarm water. Fill the flavour chamber with the sweetened water.

Place a carbonator in the carbonation chamber & close up the Bonne O system. Press the button & sparkle!

The Bonne O pressure infusion process will add a light tea taste to your beverage in minutes. When the cycle is complete and you remove the bottle from the system, the bottle remains sealed & pressurized. Until you open it, the tea will continue to cold brew under pressure in the refrigerator. The internal bottle pressure speeds up the cold brewing process to an hour (less if you shake the sealed bottle a few times over the period) vs. the typical 6-24 hours required for regular cold brewed tea. Cold brewed tea is delicious - it adds additional delicate tea flavours and is less bitter than hot brewed tea.

A tip when opening the bottle. The tea bag surface encourages the creation of bubbles when you open it. Either open the bottle slowly by pressing the valve in the middle of the top cap of the bottle a few times letting the bubbles settle down between presses. Open the bottle when the bubbles finally settle down. Alternatively, open the bottle quickly over the sink and immediately remove the tea bag (it immediately floats to the top when opened, so it is easy to grab). The quick method results in more bubbles remaining in the beverage. The quick method is also easier when the beverage is very cold, since fewer bubbles are released from cold water vs. warmer water.

Enjoy this summery thirst quenching treat & get creative! Any combination of tea bag + fruit + herbs works. Combine your favourites & share your ideas with us on Facebook!


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