Create Quality Sparkling Wine in Minutes

Create Quality Sparkling Wine in Minutes

Did you know that you can become a sparkling winemaker in minutes? Sparkle & pour into your finest flute. You'll see long lasting, fine bubbles. Try a sparkling white, rosé or even experiment with sparkling reds and sparkling wine cocktails. It's easy with your Bonne O.


Here are a few tips to get the best result every time.

First, always use refrigerator chilled wine. Cold fluids absorb CO2 best. Fully chill the wine you want to sparkle.

Second, to only use one bottle, fill the flavour chamber with your wine first, then fill your Bonne O bottle.  Finally, top the bottle with ice cubes until the fluid level reaches the rim. Using this technique ensures you only open one bottle of wine per Bonne O bottle of sparkling wine you make.

Finally, you can enjoy your sparkling wine now or put it in the refrigerator for later. Until you open your Bonne O bottle it is sealed and fully sparkled. Once you open it, the carbonation level will decline over time, just like the bottle of sparkling wine you buy in a store.

Quick directions:  Place a carbonator in the carbonation chamber. Fill the flavour chamber with your chilled wine. Pour the remainder of the 750ml wine bottle into your Bonne O bottle and top the fluid level to the rim with a few pieces of ice.

Close up your Bonne O sparkling beverage system, press the button and sparkle.

Minutes to sparkle your favourite wine. Have fun sparkling winemaking (and drinking)!

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