Create The World's Bubbliest Summer Spritzers

Create The World's Bubbliest Summer Spritzers

Light, bubbly, zesty refreshment! A Citrus Spritzer is perfect for summer sipping. By sparkling everything in the bottle, Bonne O makes the world's bubbliest spritzers.

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To create this Citrus Spritzer, squeeze the juice of half a grapefruit, half an orange and half a lemon into a cup. Dissolve a couple teaspoons of sugar into the fruit juice, strain and pour into the flavour chamber. Place a carbonator in the carbonation chamber.

Half fill the bottle with chilled white wine, add a few ice cubes and then top the bottle up to the rim with cold water. Optionally you can add slices of citrus to the bottle itself to boost the flavour further, although it really isn't necessary given the juice.

Close up the system and press the button. All the bottle contents are sparkled. This is what creates the world's bubbliest spritzers. The water, wine & juice are all sparkled. Traditionally you would add sparkling wine to flat water & flat juice, resulting in a very light and shorter duration effervescence.

You can open and enjoy now or refrigerate for the right patio moment. The bottle remains sealed and sparkled until you open it.

If you added fruit slices to the bottle, the slices and the alcohol will produce a lot of bubbles. Open slowly by pressing the vent in the center of the top bottle cap and allow the bubbles to settle before opening. Repeat a couple times, then open the bottle over the sink. For this beverage, I actually prefer to not add the fruit to the bottle since the fruit juice adds all the flavour you need and opening the bottle is quick.

Garnish with an orange segment, pour & enjoy the hot summer days with a cool drink in hand!

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