Delicious Detox Sparkling Green Tea with Mint & Limes

Delicious Detox Sparkling Green Tea with Mint & Limes

Detox teas or teatox are an increasingly popular drink with benefits. Now you can create your cleansing tea using only real ingredients in minutes! This recipe is delicious & healthy - the perfect combination. The video and description below show how easy it is to make.


Add a green tea bag, a few segments of lime and a couple sprigs of mint to your Bonne O bottle. Fill the bottle to the rim with cold water (ideally filtered water), place a carbonator in the carbonation chamber and fill the flavour chamber with water.

Close up the system & sparkle. The tea is cold brewed through pressure and agitation within the bottle. After the sparkle cycle is complete, you'll have the green tea taste infused in your beverage.  As always, the longer you leave the bottle sealed and pressurized, the stronger the infused flavours will become from the tea, fruit and herbs in the bottle.

Pour & enjoy! The subtle hints of green tea combine with a lime bite and the refreshing brightness of mint. This is a healthy, sugar-free, all natural drink for enjoying anytime!

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